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AutoClipX Automatically copy selected content and paste with the click of a mouse button! paste. AutoPaste: Speed up operations further with automatic pasting! Simply select something and it will be automatically copied and then pasted to the last program window which you pasted to. AutoSave: Write everything you copy or paste to a text file. This is a great feature if all you need to do is store copied text without pasting it, or just want to keep a backup of what was copied or pasted. Safety: Automatic copying with AutoClipX is regulated

JetPaste 1.0: Utility for pasting commonly used text phrases or formatted text.
JetPaste 1.0

automatically pasted. You can for example bind your e-mail address on Control+Shift+E, and every time you press Control+Shift+E, JetPaste will automatically type your e-mail address. So it`s handy for anything that you are writing commonly, like IP address, or your name. JetPaste can run minimized in system tray every time you start up your computer. JetPaste also have rich configuration and global hotkeys, with which you can bring-up global JetPaste

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HexColor by Blaiz Enterprises 1.00.102

Auto Copy inserts result to Clipboard. Simple! Features: *Realtime screen color grab - click and drag *Instant shade adjust with color shade variation bar *Auto Copy - automatically inserts new color to Clipboard *Auto Paste - automatically reads new color from Clipboard *History - automatically stores all collected colors *Edit ) Undo/Copy/Copy as Image (1w x 1h pixel bitmap)/Paste/Invert/Clear History *Option: On Top *Sizeable *Integrated Help *

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Dead Simple Downloader by Blaiz Enterprises 2.00.4560

auto paste, timer delay, 12/24 time, definable user-agent, automatic filename formatting, custom throttle, realtime graphical bandwidth chart, history with stats, user name / passwords, 100K+ url download list. Multilingual interface - see our Select Language. Integrated Help - (See also left panel Links / Help for online Help). Program Features: * Commence downloading upon program startup * Automatic Paste with Audio Alert notification * Definable

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CastlePaste 1.02.4: Easily paste any text you want into the active program
CastlePaste 1.02.4

Paste is designed to make your life easier by giving you a simple method of pasting commonly used text into applications. CastlePaste makes it quick and easy to paste your information into almost any application. You will save yourself time and effort by using CastlePaste to handle all of your Paste Items. Once you have set up your Paste Items, you no longer need to cut and paste from other documents - just paste from CastlePaste`s list of Paste

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textBEAST clipboard manager 3.6.1: Organize, copy, and paste information into your documents!
textBEAST clipboard manager 3.6.1

automation. Save all of your carefully worded professional clips in textBEAST and click to paste them to assemble reports, much more effectively than with your word processor`s autotext and autocorrect functions. Preparation of legal documents and medical reports can be simplified with textBEAST, which can also nicely supplement an electronic medical record application. Even if your secretary does your typing for you, textBEAST will increase your

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CastlePaste PRO 2.40.1: Easily paste anything you want into the active program.
CastlePaste PRO 2.40.1

paste. CastlePaste PRO is not just another Clipboard extender, it is a different way of dealing with items that you want to paste into applications. You will save yourself time and effort by using CastlePaste PRO to handle all of your Paste Items. Once you have set up your Paste Items, you no longer need to cut and paste from other documents - just paste from CastlePaste PRO`s list of Paste Items. CastlePaste PRO can be used for so many different

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